12th April 2017

Transitional Wardrobe

TRANSITIONAL WARDROBE…  Spring to Summer 2017

It’s that time of year again when you’ve got to put away your oversized comfy jumpers and get out the light weight summer clothing! However, with this unpredictable weather, you sometimes do need a few summery layers. If you’re heading  away this summer, then all of these collections will be a great addition to your suitcase.

At Terracotta we are receiving deliveries every day for the new season… Pop instore or over to the website for more information on these great items. 

  • The first one being Postcard from Brighton which you will have heard of as it’s one of our favourite brands instore! These garments are great for layering as they are light soft fabrics and also feature basics such as the little vests to put underneath, whether it show or not some have a trim of lace on the bottom for a subtle detail. The new collection features a lot of the colours grey and peach in different clothing items which are two perfect colours for when the weather brightens up!  

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  • Secondly, the Mama B collection is great for your transitional wardrobe as it is light weight and neutral colouring. The soft materials feature skirts, culottes and dresses of stripes and light khakis. They look great with accessories such as chunky necklaces or scarfs to add that pop of colour.

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  • Last but certainly not least is the Lollys Laundry collection which is new in for Terracotta. The collection features light weight cotton fabrics which fall ever so nicely on the body. Perfect for the summer, this floaty look is great for your suitcase if you’re heading abroad as the fabrics will be sure to keep you cool. ll5











lollys laundry

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