15th January 2018

Tidy Wardrobe, tidy mind





Firstly we would like to wish our customers and readers out there a Happy 2018! Here we are into another new year in the month of January – a month of making changes, making resolutions and generally getting out with the old and in with the new.

If we are talking about clearing out and being clutter-free, a good thing to mention is wardrobe management. Clothing can be overwhelmingly cluttersome but we still love them or do we still love all of them?

Our blog focuses on the reorganisation of our closets.

To begin we need to primarily assess what we want to keep and what we want to part with. As a suggestion clear a space where you can spread out. Start pulling things out of your rails, lay them in front of you and realistically ask yourself if you’ll ever use or wear the items going forward?If not be ruthless, let them go whether you re-sell, pass on to someone else you know or donate to charity.

The next step is to make sure you keep the seasons separated. Store out of season clothing, before you do it sounds obvious but wash and dry first. Moths love perfume or any remnant food.

How to store:



  • Never hang knits – a big no no! Knits grow and stretch and the shape will ruin.


  • These items such as leggings, tee’s can be folded and stored. Jeans suit being folded as they are so durable.

Special Items

  • Garments of low frequency wear in special or delicate fabrics as a tip maybe best stored in a zip up suit protector and kept to the back of wardrobe as these are not go-to pieces of clothing.


  • Keep these items situated together.


  • Arrange in order of hem length and/or keep wider trousers separated from skinnier legged trousers.

Accessories and Footwear

  • Fold scarves in a drawer or have them hanging in the wardrobe on purpose scarf hangers. Keep shoes cleaned and polished in shoe trees or use scrunched paper stored at the bottom with most oftenly worn pairs within quicker reach.

Extra tips.

  • Don’t use wire hangers from the dry cleaners – these are not suitable for long term use in our opinion.
  • Don’t store out of season clothes in plastic bags. Fabrics need to breathe.
  • Lavender is a good natural repellent to moths.
  • Look out for good storage ideas – use hooks behind wardrobe doors etc. Many good storage solutions can be found across the internet and not just expensive ones either.
  • Assess your wardrobe every 6 months and definitely each year. Don’t hoard!
  • If you have a fitted wardrobe using the walls of the room, make sure you are not at risk of damp. Ensure walls are suitable as a first.
  • Finally enjoy your clothes whether you’re wearing them or they hang beautifully in your closet!

From all of us at Terracotta xoxo





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