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Well Christmas is soon upon us and it’s that time to think gifts again. Hopefully this blog will inspire you with some really good idea’s.

Bell and Fox

A British contemporary luxe leather bags and accessories collection. The leather is super-soft and items are crafted to perfection into very simple designs or something more playful and quirky. Each item features a fox or a bell hence the name. Prices start from £25 for a foxy keyring moving upwards to £99 or a little more for the one their lovely bags. These pieces ensure to make a wonderful treat for that special someone. See the black bag featured above.


An Amazing Winter Woolly

These sumptuous articles by Amazing  will make a lovely festive offering. Amazing knitwear represents a mix of en-pointe styles and silhouettes in a great colour choice, so if you know someone who just craves colour and ”wants to get away from grey and black” these are worthwhile considering. It’s worth adding that Amazing will always do grey and black in their collections too.  Yarns are usually a blend of quality grade synthetics, some of which imitate cashmere, it keeps the price of the garment more affordable and easy to launder without the need to handwash. Another thing look out for Amazing Jeans, great if you want to get back to proper denim after wearing the finer jeggings. See Knitwear above.

So-Me Bracelets

These beautiful crystal encrusted and daintily embellished wrap-around bracelets come in a selection of a fabulously rich and wintery palette. Most designs have a three popper option to suit different sizes. They come at a very affordable price of £15 -17 and packaged in a velvety pouch. A suitable little something to purchase as a gift if you have to mind the budget. See bracelet selection at the top of the page.










Bobble Hats

See our wide selection of pom pom hats. Warm and snuggly and true to say a bit of a gift favourite in this store!Most hats are £25. Rino and Pelle’s beautiful ombre and fleecy bobble hats are £35.

And more…

As featured above are the real leather purses priced at £20 only. Easily look so much more. The star and pom keyring is just £12. More colours in store.

These are just a few gift idea’s to take on board, do look out for more of our blogs as we continue to get more gift deliveries and other arrivals of gorgeous goodies!

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