12th January 2017

Be Sales Savvy



Coats and Jackets

Take advantage of what usually is a high ticket item and purchase coats and jackets. Janaury is the time where you can see prices cut by as much as 70%.


High Ticket Garments

Our designer labels such as Isabel De Pedro, Ana Alcazar, Unreal Fur, Rino and Pelle and other more exclusive ranges may seem like such an indulgent treat although due to the originality of these makes they are classic and you will enjoy them for years. Therefore if you notice they have been reduced it’s worth snapping them up.



Transeasonal Items

A Postcard from Brighton’s signature look tends to incorporate lighter weights such as jersey, these and say a crisp white shirt by Amazing are really handy pieces you can rely on all year round and wear plenty of times. Marked down prices make it more affordable to buy the combined look with a few garments.



Q – ”Can’t see what else I can put with it?”

Sale rails can look rather untidy, beautifully curated rails are not what you see during the sales. Don’t try to find a whole outfit instead enjoy the mystery of what suitable bargain you may come across. Talk to the shop advisor/s and ask for advise too, they are there to help you co-ordinate items together and offer a bit more inspiration.

” It doesn’t fit”

Unless it’s an absolute disaster and looks dreadful, take into account the saving you are making. The saving you make will justify nipping in around the waist or shortening the hem/s. We have a wonderful seamstress who handles all of our alterations for us so we can easily organise a few little tweaks to the fit.


Happy Shopping and hope you find some really good bargains!

From the team at Terracotta xx




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